Writing SEO Content – Outsource This Important Task

If you are responsible for the material written on your website or blog, don’t overlook the power of using basic rules for creating SEO content.

In the past few years, there has been an entire industry spawned around search engine optimisation, or SEO.  Goolge’s last round of algorithm and indexing updates left SEO experts scratching their heads wondering what happened to the basic strategies.  The fact remains that in order for there to be some kind of reasonable index of websites, the indexing programs must follow some system.

As far as Total Web Design is concerned, the status quo for onpage optimization including meta tags for title and description is still valid.  Each page requires a focus keyword phrase otherwise which makes sense for creating SEO content written in a meaningful manner.

SEO Content writing is a critical component of your online advertising and is this is especially true for merchants wanting to use pay per click advertising to build up leads or sales.  Pay per click is closely tied to keywords used on the sales page including the onpage SEO content ingredients.  Below is a brief introduction to these components found in the HTML of each web page – or at least they should be found there!

Meta Data: The Meta data appears in the Head section of your page HTML. This is the top portion of the page found before the Body tag.  This information is not visible to visitors unless they look at the source of your page.  However, it is important to search engine robots (programs).

Title Tag: This is what you see as the web page title on Google search results. It is limited to 59 characters including spaces. Include your page keyword at the beginning and any secondary keywords after that.

Description Tag: This is what you see beneath the title on your Google listing. Include your main keyword early, and describe the meaning of your web page. Use no more than 160 characters, including spaces.

Keyword Tag: This is your list of keywords relevant to the page.  While you can list a number of keyword phrases, plan on limiting it to 5 as you want to also include the keywords in the SEO content.  If you provide too many, your readers may find the page difficult to read and comprehend.

If you would rather have someone take this chore off your hands we offer SEO content writing at very affordable rates.  Contact us on 0433 399 294 to get started.