Studying the Impact of Search Engine Optimisation Company on Businesses

The latest Penguin update from Google on May 22, 2013, saw a remarkable difference in the rankings of websites, on top search engines. And, it has once again raised questions over the role of search engine optimisation (SEO), as part of web development.

Search engine optimisation is often considered  the act of making small, but significant modifications to specific parts of a website. These changes can vary from keyword rich, high quality content to genuine link building, to enhance the credibility of a website.


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No matter what the alteration is one thing remains certain hiring a specialised search engine optimisation company like Total Web Design is important.

Benefits of an Expert Service Provider

Our web developers focus on the following key areas when making a website search engine-friendly:

  • We create unique and relevant page titles, suitable for use with the body text content. Usually, titles are brief, informative and avoid unnecessary keyword stuffing.
  • We use meta tags, that summarise the content of the page for Google.
  • An odd URL may be difficult to understand. So, experts formulate easy to understand, simple URLs which relate to the information contained in your website. This means that the search engines are better able to crawl your website and categorise them for search results.
  • At times, two site maps are created, one for users and the other for search engines, this makes it easier for both people and search engines to understand the website.
  • We offer high quality content and attractive website design that  exceeds the users’ expectations.
  • Although when examined individually, such alterations might appear like minor adjustments , when they analysed collectively, these elements lead to a visible improvement to a website’s performance.

Professional service providers such as those at Total Web Design, are well-versed in the prevailing market trends and have a proven track record of successful project completion. They offer commendable results by utilising world class tools and services.

So connect with Total Web Design. We are a dependable web design company, and we offer authentic and exceptional SEO services and much more.