Good Indicators You Need a Website Redesign

It is that time of year people consider updating their marketing material and a website redesign may be in consideration. Other than the basic information such as new services or products, there are several other points to consider.  Below are a few areas to evaluate as to whether you need a website redesign.

1. Low conversion and high bounce rate shown in Google Analytics.  If you are scratching your head wondering what Google Analytics is about, then you aren’t taking advantage of free web tools to measure activity on your website.  Talk to your web design service provider about reviewing your analytic reports.  It is possible if the analytics show low conversions and increased bounce rate, your visitors aren’t finding a reason good enough to click through your offer page or explore other web pages beyond the Home page.

2. Poor search ranking for any pages – Your website may have beautiful graphics and look stunning, but if your web pages aren’t ranking on the first page of search results then chances are your business is invisible on the web.  It is important to have a search engine-friendly website design meets the criteria of major search engines.  A complete website redesign may not be required, but a better focused content program can improve search results.

3. Your website isn’t flexible to support marketing or branding campaigns – If your website design prevents you from integrating your marketing and brand-building campaigns then you are limited to print or social media.  Print marketing may be cost prohibitive for frequent campaigns. Also, you may ignore an important customer segment which doesn’t use social media. You would not be able to inform and engage your online users about your campaigns and would fail to achieve the desired results.

4. Your site is more like a brochure – A template website works just like a brochure. However, online users are smarter now. They expect high functionality from a website that supports interaction and engagement.  Moving to a customised website redesign allows customers and visitors to send queries to your support team and interact with social media.

5. You find it difficult to update your site – A lot of emphasis was given to freshness of website content. However, not every business can afford to hire a programmer each time they need to refresh the content. This year, investing in a customised website redesign and easy-to-use content management system (CMS) would be a wise decision.

6. Your website isn’t iPhone/mobile-friendly – Google analytics can help you learn how much of your website traffic is mobile.  If your website design isn’t mobile friendly then it’s time for an update. If 15% of your visitors are using a mobile device then you are missing out on that traffic with a non-mobile friendly website design.

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