Engage Facebook Fans with Content

Now that you’ve got your Facebook page established with a great cover and a few fans, what is next?  Social media requires interaction with members. The trick is how to kick-start that interaction.

If you want Facebook Fans to visit regularly and participate in its activities, you must give them a reason to visit and react. The best way to do this is with content. The content can be graphics, photos, videos and good old text based content.

Think about what your company has in common with the Fan base. Perhaps employees are gearing up for the holidays or have returned from a Christmas trip. Encourage employees to post pictures and videos. Or as the owner, go ahead and post your own memories.

Sharing is one of the ways to maintain exclusivity and retain group members. Another way is to create videos and post this content on Facebook. If you are an artist and your paintings have won awards, post the news first on Facebook before posting it elsewhere. Of course, include photos of the artwork too. This is a great way to keep your group engaged.

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