What Does A Search Engine Optimisation Consultant Do?

Since search is very dependent on keywords, incoming links, and site structure 90% of the analysis and work you search engine optimisation consultant performs is around those areas.

Site Structure

Your search engine optimisation consultant reviews the basic structure of your website. What pictures, banners, words and videos appear on your web pages is very important, but there are often technical problems with a website preventing it from achieving high search results. Broken links, insufficient internal and external links, poorly designed page hierarchy and navigation can prevent search engines from accessing all your pages. Worse, it can prevent people from connecting to your pages and offerings.

Your search engine optimisation Australia team works to correct these deficiencies. Our goal is to produce a website design that provides targeted results so that people find your website because it ranks at the top of search engine results. Search engine optimisation is designed to improve search engine rankings.

We became one of the leading SEO companies in Australia because we are results driven. These days, it doesn’t make sense to ignore the power of using the web to get more customers. Your competition is not getting any easier. As your search engine optimisation specialists, we efficiently create a website design that uses best web design practices coupled with SEO and content strategies.

What Makes You Different – Your Unique Position in the Marketplace

Your search engine optimisation consultant will ask questions to understand your unique selling proposition. We ask questions to understand what makes your company different from your competition. Your search engine optimisation Australia team works to ensure that the content is optimized for your brand and for what makes your company stand out in its industry. Then our copywriters meld relevant keywords into compelling content designed to attract buyers into your sales funnel.

Using search engine optimisation for new keywords means that you attract people searching for those new keywords. Our search engine optimisation strategy takes these new keywords and crafts them into engaging, relevant material. It all adds up to more highly ranked pages that bring in more traffic and ultimately more customers to your business.