POS Design Sells

The priciest real estate at the grocery store is directly in front of the checkout. The magazine industry figured this one out long ago.  What else are you going to do while waiting to get groceries tallied up?  Now, small refrigerators offer supercharged drinks to get you fired up after pushing that grocery cart around.

Store managers find that when they take items off the shelf and put them in an attractive point of sale display in a prominent location in a high-traffic area of the store, the items sell several times more often than when left for the shopper to find in the normal shelf location.  You know you didn’t plan on buying those corn chips, but that new display of with corn chips paired with jars of nacho cheese was just too much to resist.  Point of sale design spells “impulse sales.”

The most common types of POS design products are:

Free Standing Displays – You can place these anywhere they fit, but most frequently are seen in aisles and window displays.

Counter Top Displays – Just as the name conveys, these point of sale displays are used on top of counters.

Wobblers – The are used to cross-sell products, for example, a wobbler sitting in front of a packet of school notebooks and spirals is used to display pencils or pens to remind customers to not forget these writing utensils.

Studies have proven out the effectiveness of using POS displays to increase conversions.  The goal is to get your customer to pick up an item that is presented in some type of point of sale display.  Studies show that 75% of shoppers will purchase an item that they pick up to review!

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