What Are Brands Anyway?

When you set up your business, you probably did things to make sure that what you offered stood out from the competition. Whether you’re selling products or services it’s very likely that yours isn’t the only game in town. So you had to find ways to be different from the rest of the crowd. That gave you a bit of an edge over the competition.

When products or services don’t have anything unique to offer, then the only differentiator is price. Needless to say, attracting sales by lowering prices becomes self-defeating. When you have a brand, it consistently represents your company’s uniqueness to consumers.

A brand is a promise. You build your brand by living up to your promise every time someone comes in contact with your name, your goods, or your business. No matter how customers interact with your business; whether it’s a business card, letterhead, signage or your appearance, your brand image is consistent.

Your brand is the promise your customers can believe in.

Brands create consumer trust and an emotional connection to your business. Your brand is building relationships with consumers 24 hours a day.

What Brands Do

Brands create consumer trust and emotional attachments. As a result, they foster relationships between consumers and products which withstand price wars or occasional lapses in product or service excellence.

Great brands are trusted, even loved. People remember your brand and the characteristics that it represents. Whether you’re selling computers, denim jeans, or French fries, people who are aware of your brand have a connection to the characteristics your brand promises. These are things they consider long before making a purchase.

Brands Change the Selling Process into a Service Process

Since consumers believe in your brand and its promise, your sales force can spend more time making sure they understand what customers want. Instead of having to sell a new customer on why they should buy your product or service, the customer is already aware of your brand promise. Without a recognizable brand, you have to build a case for the reason why someone should buy from you with each and every sale.

In the world of Internet commerce, your brand pre-sells visitors to your online shop or website. When you are selling or advertising online, you have a world of competition. It’s ever more critical you have a solid brand statement in place so you stand out from a Web-full of competing services and products.