Website Design With Purpose

You wouldn’t start a business by dumping a truckload of products in the middle of a warehouse and invite people in to find a bargain. That would only result in shopper frustration. They would leave in disgust and probably never revisit unless you had a very good incentive.

A better approach would be to do a bit of market research to understand what people wanted in your marketing sector. Once you had a better idea of what people wanted you would select products or services to offer. Then you would organise the products into logical groups, provide attractive posters and signs to guide your guests to the appropriate aisle. This approach results in more sales and repeat customers.

That same process is how we approach website designs.

Step 1 – Direct Communication

Direct communication is the first step in our website design process. When you first order a new website design, we understand that you probably have an idea in your head of what the overall design should look like.

If you’re not sure, don’t worry– we’ll work with you to come up with a website design concept that will catch the eye of your visitor and keep them engaged. Our goal is to provide you with an affordable website design that exceeds your expectations.

Because we can’t read minds, we work alongside you to make sure we’re both on the same page from the get-go. This drastically cuts down on the amount of time the creative website design process takes and also ensures that your idea is presented in the final design. Our website design packages include easy access for your review and revision of your website design.

Step 2 – Website Drafting

After we understand your concept for the overall website design, we get right to work.

Other website design firms restrict the number of revisions they allow clients. As we work, we create drafts and send them your way. You can look through the drafts and let us know if we’re on the right track, or if anything needs to be changed or altered.

Although we already have a good idea of what you want from the first step, the draft process presents you with an actual professional website design copy to work with.

You have the final word, meaning that by using this process, you will end up with EXACTLY what you’re looking for.

Step 3 – Website Finalization

Once the overall design draft is finished, we go “under the hood