Sticky Website: 7 Tips to Boost the Stickiness of your Website

In this day and age wherein consumers are flooded with so many options and distractions, engaging people to your website can be quite a challenge. As engagement is a continuing process wherein loyal customers keep coming back to your site, simply reading content or clicking an ad is never enough.
How can you then make sure you’re keeping and engaging your customers? The solution to create a loyal customer base and keeping them is having a sticky website. A sticky website is something that a first time visitor would find difficult to leave, would want to further explore its different features, and would come back to it soon.

To help you create an engaging website, here are 7 tips to boost the stickiness of your website:

1. Minimize clutter – How many times have you stumbled upon a website only to be confused and overwhelmed? Ensure your potential customers won’t get frustrated with your website because they’re lost and couldn’t find the information they need. Make your site free of clutter by keeping everything neat and organized; and highlighting information, resources, features, or actions your visitors want.

2. Make navigation intuitive – If your website is difficult or confusing to navigate, you are most likely to lose potential customers, and drive them to a much more user-friendly website. The best way to ensure easy, intuitive navigation is by designing and using sensible menus/categories/tabs as a means to guide your visitors. Also, avoid going crazy about java scripts and flashy animation, which may slow down loading time.

3. Make the initial visit relevant – First impressions count on the web. When a visitor lands on your site, you only have less than seven seconds to get him/her hooked. That’s why it’s crucial that the initial visit and interaction with your website is relevant to what people are looking for. And as soon as you’ve created relevance, you can steer them to browse deeper into your website’s content, features, resources, etc.

4. Keep your content fresh and updated – Obsolete web content is one of the quickest ways to lose audience. Ensure that you constantly post new and useful content to keep your visitors engaged and consider you an industry expert. One way to guarantee regular supply of fresh and timely content is by offering relevant news or information feed. If including static text on your web pages, consider removing specific dates. Nevertheless, if you must publish dates, be sure to update the information regularly to avoid “oh, this is old