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Just like all living, breathing creatures – websites come in all shapes and sizes. Some are loud and shout from the rooftops ‘Look at me!’ Other sites are muted and subdued but yet deliver a message of solid respectability to site visitors.

No matter who your audience is, Total Web Design can create responsive website designs that will delight your target audience like never before.

We understand the multi-device universe

Total Web Design create responsive web design that has the unique ability to ride the never-ending wave of new technology. Our future-proof designs will stand the test of time and still look professional and modern in the years to come. No matter what device you’re holding.

Mobile and responsive site functionality

Our eye-catching responsive website designs are conceived, planned and created using the latest methodology of user interface (UI) design, detailed user-experience investigations and mobile functionality. We test our responsive sites to ensure that they are not only beautiful, but also easy-to-use on all devices.

Users love our responsive websites

Total Web Design’s responsive websites are adapted and structured to look outstanding on Smartphone, tablet, computers, iOS and Android. Users love our websites and so does Google.


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