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    WordPress Website Development

    Web development changes rapidly and so it’s critical that any wordpress website development team you hire is a passionate purveyor of new technology, new languages and a nimble early adopter of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

    Total Web Design have been around on the internet for at least a decade, providing exceptionally high quality websites that are custom-built, and built beautifully to last. Our sites are like old Tasmanian hardwood in that way.

    Our web developers have a lot of knowledge under their belts about the latest development in WC3 standards and the upcoming trends in web design. In this way we try and design websites that are sleek on the front end and robust and fast on the back end.

    Flexible, scalable, customisable and easy to manage

    Mostly we code in PHP and use WordPress as our primary CMS. Although we can build websites in a multitude of different ways to ensure that your site is flexible, scalable and customisable to suit your organisation’s needs.

    Our sites are fully responsive and look beautiful on any device

    When our website developers build new sites, they build primarily for mobile and then for desktop. We understand that the vast majority of people who will visit any site will do so on mobile and so we have adopted a mobile first methodology.

    Our optimised forms and engaging design on mobile and tablet will boost your enquiries and improve the ease of navigability through your site.

    Web design that turns heads and converts to sales

    Great website development should speak for itself and offer a clear set of pathways for prospective customers. Great navigation, usability testing, design, layout and content all provide the correct conventions and sign-posts for human visitors while also providing the optimal experience for search engine robots to easily and effortlessly parse the site and rank it highly.

    Total Web Design use tried and tested web design conventions and best practice standards to ensure that all aspects of the planning, building, testing and launch are done to the highest level of quality.

    Online shops and ecommerce sites optimised for maximum conversion rate

    We can provide your organisation with a unique and custom-designed ecommerce site that is secure, stable and easily managed for your online shop. For advice on setting up a new website, get a free no obligation quote from Total Web Design today!

    Wordpress Website Development
    Wordpress Website Development Company

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