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    Intranet Development

    It’s hard to believe that your business outgrew that single file server and email system in just a couple of years. More small business owners are turning to intranet development for robust collaboration and more secure document management. We provide corporate intranet solutions as well as intranet design and development for smaller companies across Australia.

    Corporate Intranet Solutions

    Every one of our intranet solutions is a custom built system for companies spanning a wide variety of industries such as banking and financial systems, online catalogues and ordering, stock trading systems, accounting or legal systems and more, all of which include customized reporting.

    If you are unfamiliar with the idea of intranet development think of a business intranet as a smaller version of the Internet. Total Web Design developers work with businesses to develop a robust intranet solution as a resource for communication and collaboration.

    Does your company struggle to keep documents current? Do you find that you waste thousands of dollars on printed material that becomes irrelevant in the following year? Imagine having all this material online, ready to be updated by your own internal marketing team. Having media available online can be easily modified and shared – without printing – is one of the benefits of having an intranet solution.

    We offer project based intranet development services which are relatively inexpensive to implement. In fact, many customers recover the cost of the intranet solution in the first year just in media and print savings. We assign an experienced intranet developer to work with your project team to create the intranet design, as well as the implementation and ongoing support.

    Foster Sharing And Collaboration

    The popularity of intranet development is due to the nature of streamlined processes and improved access to documents and information. Here are examples of organisations within other businesses that have enthusiastically embraced intranet design to improve sharing and productivity.

    Human Resources: employee handbook, phone directory, interactive employee polling, benefits information and recruiting

    Sales and Marketing: product demonstrations, forecasting charts, lead management, press releases and market research

    Information Systems: user documentation, network management, software repositories, security policies, software development and delivery

    Customer Service: customer information tracking, trouble ticket tracking and reporting, order entry and tracking, inventory and supplies

    Executive Intranet: departmental information, partner information, tax and legal documentation, online calendars and meeting minutes, stock market tracking

    Finance: accounts payable and receivable tracking, payroll, budgets, policies and procedures, asset management and expense reports

    Intranet Development – Plan For Success

    Part of our intranet development project includes establishing an overall project champion for the intranet design and implementation. We will also need to identify departmental owners to participate in the intranet development. These people are key to defining a working model for publishing policies, style guides and the site hierarchy. The approach paves the way for a successful implementation because each department has contributed to the overall intranet solution.

    Get in touch with Total Web Designs to find out more about the increased efficiencies of communications and data sharing that an intranet solution provides to companies similar to yours. We offer intranet development and consulting throughout Australia.


    Intranet Development
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