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Promotional flags are more than just event props

Promo flags, banners and items that shake in the wind at your seasonal events can be a critical piece of the marketing mix. However your business has a lot of options when it comes to banner printing so here’s some information that will be useful for making an informed choice.


The first thing to consider when undertaking banner printing is the context of use. Where exactly will this banner be put up?

For indoor banners, the selection is much broader in terms of materials and the foundations. We can recommend the use of a broad variety of printed material flags, including blade, feather, tear-drop flags and pull-up banners. These can be secured in place with a foundation of sandbags and water bags. They will stay in place indoors with minimal wind resistance.

For outside banners which will be kept up for most of the day, you should consider hardier, robust materials for your banner printing. This will keep your banner looking professional in the extreme heat of the Australian sun and the extreme cold of the winter found in the southern states.

For outdoor use it’s important to use a thick weather-proof and water-proof vinyl material for your banner that is securely fastened with the appropriate weather-proof fasteners and ropes. If it is secured to a foundation rather than to a wall, then this needs to be robust enough to withstand high winds, possibly with the addition of a concrete stand. It’s possible to mount a banner onto the back of a towbar on a car as well, which is another possibility for a highly portable and convenient event banner.


If you are wanting to take your banner or flag to an exhibition or large event, it needs to be portable and be able to be packed down and put up with ease and flexibility. Some banners are so large that they can’t be taken as fragile items on a flight or they are too large to be sent by courier. This is a very real problem that can be addressed during the production phase to ensure that for each design and print project, we create a banner which will be practical and useable in every context. If it is necessary to create a large exhibition banner for an event that can’t be transported on a commercial flight or a courier, we can recommend a transport method which will suit your budget and needs.

Affordable, professional and custom banner printing

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