Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can be akin to pouring petrol onto an open fire, or it can be as underwhelming as a half-baked pizza. At Total Web Design we take care to ensure that the social media strategy that we recommend to clients is informed by the latest social media apps and ideas.

A meticulously measured and organised approach

Anyone with a Facebook account or Twitter account can claim to be adept at social media. It’s the rest of the service that is important. Primarily it’s the metrics and insights that are gained on these platforms that are valuable and strategically important. Social media marketing is about taking what works and amplifying it, and taking what doesn’t work out of the public sphere.

It’s about closely analysing social conversations and customer feedback via social media and using this to inform other arms of the business like customer service, sales, and product development.

Great social media marketing begins with planning

Total Web Design take a holistic approach to social media marketing with a thorough phase of strategic planning prior to setting up clients’ social media strategies. We gain an in-depth understanding of a client’s industry, products and services and target audience and then we develop our social strategy around this holistic roadmap.

Incisive social listening

Social media management involves in-depth social listening which taps into forums and online conversations and that responds and reacts quickly to any issues as they arise.

Experienced in community management

Social communities are an interesting beast. They require vigilant monitoring and a supportive but firm approach in order to manage with professionalism, and to be the brand advocate for organisation. Our social media specialists understand how to get the best out of social communities including when and how to tell brand stories in a compelling way.

Total Web Design offer affordable, flexible and scalable social media marketing that suits organisations from every industry, and for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We understand that your business is too busy to run social media, so you should leave it to the experts. Total Web Design can become your online eyes and ears and provide plenty of valuable and actionable insights from your social media management. Speak with us today for a free no obligation quote.

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