White Paper Design

White papers are the often neglected and overlooked cousin to the more popular case study or eBook. And yet white papers are an essential part of the sales funnel for B2B businesses, and can make or break a business decision to purchase or abandon a purchase. In terms of nurturing sales leads towards conversion, the white paper is essential. White paper design is therefore critical to the success of your white paper.

Does your business need a white paper?

Firstly though, it’s important to assess whether or not the white paper is right for your business. As a marketing asset, a white paper is ideal for high value and high cost products or services that need to be sold to customers through a gradual process of informing them about your product (i.e. through a sales funnel).

A white paper is a document which contains data-led insights and research findings about an issue that’s highly relevant to your audience. The white paper should help to resolve a real world problem for your client and should be integrally tied to the unique selling proposition of your product or service.

As an essential part of the sales funnel, the white paper is a critical way to build customer loyalty and to gain the trust of potential new clients. The end goal is conversion or the purchase of your product or service.

Highly effective white paper design

Total Web Design have decades of collective experience in taking white papers from conceptual ideas through to finished marketing assets. This process involves a highly collaborative relationship with our clients and the production of highly engaging, visually appealing white papers that are on-brand and relevant to the audience.

Delightful, compelling and informative white paper design

Potential buyers of your product or service need to have information conveyed in a way that’s delightful, informative and compelling. Our white paper design incorporates visualisations of data and infographics to convey complex information in the most appealing way. We can also highlight the specific benefits and your branding identity in a way that’s exciting and memorable.

Nurture sales leads towards conversion with a high impact white paper

Once sales prospects have entered the sales funnel and have become warm leads, the next step in the process is to inform and educate them about something that’s important to them and that your product or service resolves. The white paper is therefore the critical piece of the puzzle that answers their pain points and provides fresh and helpful research-led insights.

Let your white paper work hard for you with Total Web Design

Exceptional white paper design will simplify and demystify complex technical details in ways that are compelling and beautiful and create a lasting impression in the minds of potential buyers, which leads to a sales conversion. Total Web Design will get you there. Get a free no obligation quote today!


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