Report Design

An organisation’s annual report can either be a strong indicator of the organisation’s success or not. It’s a branding document that expresses the ethos of the organisation while also being a practical way of communicating important information to stakeholders.

An exceptional annual report from Total Web Design can be a real game-changing asset to your organisation. Your organisation can reach new audiences and inspire greater confidence in investors through exceptional annual report design.

High impact design and branding

Total Web Design offer a rich combination of high impact graphic design and content that is relevant, interesting and meets financial requirements.

Our team of graphic designers, content marketers and branding specialists have tonnes of experience in crafting annual reports that can bring the year’s activities to life.

We can advise on high quality photography, infographics, content and layout which all delivers incisive and razor-sharp brand storytelling.

Never a one-size-fits-all approach

Total Web Design understand that when it comes to annual report design, a custom approach to design is essential to portray the right branding messages to your target audience.

This is why some organisations opt for less conventional approaches to annual report design such as the creation of a digital annual report, infographic-based annual report or an app-based report. We can work with your business to ensure that your annual report uniquely reflects your year’s activities in whatever format you need.

Financial reporting demystified

A robust annual report will feature clear and comprehensive financial reporting which meets regulatory requirements. This kind of reporting doesn’t need to be dull. With the expertise in illustration and graphic design at Total Web Design, our team can help you to identify key pieces of financial information which can be turned into engaging infographics.

For outstanding design and full production and design consulting, lean on Total Web Design for support. We have experience in creating custom-made annual reports that inspire brand loyalty and add highly valuable storytelling to your marketing collateral.

Cut through the clutter of your financial reporting and deliver important information to stakeholders in a novel and interesting way through your annual report design. Speak with Total Web Design today!


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