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Total Web Design have a vast amount of experience in visual storytelling, design and infographic creation.

Our team of graphic designers, web designers and developers have diverse industry backgrounds in retail, health, FMCG and corporate sectors. They are experts in coming to grips with complex and challenging data and breaking this down into easily understood nuggets of infographic gold.

The Total Web Design team carefully analyse client requirements and feedback and create compelling story-boards and creative concepts for infographics which result in a resoundingly positive thumbs up from clients’ target audiences.

Why get an infographic made?

Infographics are also known as information graphics. These pieces of content are graphical representations of complex information. They can be used to convey business objectives; to push the boat out on an online campaign; and to convey complex principles and ideas to a target audience. Ideas which would otherwise be buried within your spreadsheets or annual reports.

Infographics by Total Web Design can be either static or animated, GIF or MP4 video based, designed for print or online.

Our infographics can be interactive journeys into the centre of your organisation’s core value proposition.

Our team of design and branding experts can recommend the right approach depending on what audience you need to reach and what channel you’re using to reach them.

Infographic creation ideas to get your creative juices flowing:


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