Corporate Style Guide

A great corporate style guide should be flexible and adaptable to changes within the organisation. It can include elements for editorial guidelines and branding/visual storytelling guidelines but it should always inspire adherence and provide clarity.

Corporate identity and brand guidelines

When Total Web Design work with our clients, we ensure that we proactively listen to their needs do our homework. We discover the mission and values of the organisation, the core products and services, value proposition and the target audience, the competitors and industry context. From this extensive background research, we put together a clear roadmap for your corporate branding and visual identity.

We establish conventions and best practices for using elements like logos, colour palette, images, icons, font families and the general visual story telling style.

Consistent, clear and recognisable visual branding guides

Total Web Design can assist your organisation with a practical set of specifications and tools that ensure that your branding guidelines are always followed. We can help you to ensure that your logo and branding identity is properly applied and protected, so that it looks consistent in all contexts and remains recognisable. This means that third parties and designers will easily be able to follow your branding and reproduce it in the future.

Corporate editorial style guides

In addition to the visual style guide, an editorial style guide is imperative for a clear and consistent communications style for your business. Total Web Design’s content marketing and comms experts have abundant experience in putting together corporate editorial style guides. The guide should include a high level overview of all corporate communications, ensuring all is consistent and written in the same tone of voice.

Essential parts of an editorial style guide include: conventions on grammar and punctuation, style and tone of voice, abbreviation, headings, numbering and lists.

When designing editorial style guides, it is important to not be too restrictive, as this can hinder rather than help your stakeholders and internal staff who need to work within the guidelines in the future.

Consistent, clear and customised visual branding and editorial storytelling

A high quality editorial style guide and visual branding style guide should foster consistency and provide clear instructions for people in your organisation, so that they can easily use the guide. Anything less than this will make the guide pointless. It’s a tough job but we can help you to do it.

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