Company Branding

Welcome to Total Web Design. The design company with a strategic, creative and digital melting pot to draw from. Your business requires an interactive expression of your core essence and value proposition.
You have landed in the right place. For company branding that responses to touch points, and pain points and that makes it a pleasure for your audience to interact and experience your brand.

Your brand is the needle in a haystack

Out of the potentially hundreds of brands that you encountered today, how many do you remember? Great company branding and great design separates the wheat from the chafe. It separates out the big fish from the little. You get the analogy.

Consistent, bold and creative company branding can be just what your business needs to build the trust of your customers. It’s the first step in the journey towards getting customers.

If the company branding looks inconsistent or doesn’t accurately reflect the core values of your organisation, then there will be a scatter-shot effect in reaching your target audience. Potential customers will get the wrong message or mixed messages and this will lead to further confusion and possibly they will abandon their quest to use your products and services, in favour of a company with branding that they understand.

Clear, consistent, elegant branding solutions

Get the right look and feel to your company branding is essential for success. This should be consistent across stationery, business cards, posters, advertising, the website, social media and so on. Total Web Design can show your business how to make the big leap towards company branding that’s effective and memorable. We don’t do boring or forgettable, we only do exceptional.

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