Brand Guide

Brand guidelines are the lifeblood and the epicentre of an organisation’s visual identity. Total Web Design have many years of experience in creating brand standards and guidelines that reflect the uniqueness of organisations.

Our branding and design experts have a deep understanding of how colour, shape and style effect overall customer decision-making and the psychological underpinnings of visual marketing. All of these visual storytelling methods, when harnessed in the correct way, allow a business to capture the right target audience that they want.

A great brand guide is primarily about consistency of visual messaging across all channels and platforms. So an organisation’s social media pages should be similar to its website, email marketing, stationary, event marketing materials, annual report, brochures, merchandise and so on.

A great brand guide is a visual road map for an in-house team to follow, so that they can be champions of the brand, ensuring consistency and professionalism in all marketing collateral.

Beautiful brand guidelines will win over customers

The right branding guidelines are just as critical for large organisations as they are for small companies. Brand guidelines provide large organisations with the authority to reach large numbers of internal stakeholders and convince them to adhere to a consistent visual language.

Smaller organisations equally need brand guidelines in order to stake their place among a crowded market filled with bigger and more influential players.

When the integrity of the brand is at stake, there’s nobody else you should call on. Branding experts Total Web Design understand the importance of a beautiful brand guide better than any other digital agency in Australia.

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