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An exceptional annual report design is like a calling card announcing that an organisation has arrived into the elite. It’s a concise and powerful asset for brand storytelling and a way to influence the audience with visual delights.

To achieve the ultimate – a superior annual report, a design agency needs to gain a deep understanding of the organisation’s philosophy, objectives and unique value proposition.

The annual report design is the quintessential tool for delivering on brand promises in a subtle and almost subliminal way.

We turn reporting from dry to engaging

Total Web Design are samurai-level graphic designers and print designers with a flair for visualising data from annual reports. We condense down essential parts and infographic-style snippets in your report so that they are easy to understand and convey to any audience.

We can help your organisation to boil down your annual report to a fundamental essence of design inspiration. It takes a talented bunch of annual report designers to do that, and we deliver the goods. Our designers have decades of experience all over the world in various industries.

Annual reports that are comprehensive, persuasive and powerful

We can work to your specs and guidelines about card stock, paper stock and binding. We can provide expert advice on how to proceed with the most cost-effective and professional looking methods of printing, to ensure a wonderful tie-in between form and function.

Our annual report design aims to put businesses in the spot-light and to showcase your core value proposition in exceptional style and signature sophistication.

Our team of annual report designers and copywriters can assist with highlighting your brand’s inspiring stories within the annual report. We also understand the importance of regulatory requirements for financial reporting. We know how best to integrate all of those tables and spreadsheets into the document without it looking too weighty and intimidating.

For annual report design, strong content structures and effective visual communication, consult with industry experts in print design – Total Web Design.


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