Multiple Colour Selector

Multiple Colour Selector

a) Adding Attribute

  1. On the left hand navigation select ‘Products’
  2. then select ‘Attributes’.
  3. Select ‘Configure terms’.
  • 4. Insert your color name.
  • 5. Click on ‘Add New Colors’ button.

b) How To Add Multiple Colours Option on Products

  • 6. Go to Add New Product/Edit Product after that select ‘Variable Product’.
  • 7. After that select ‘Attributes’.
  • 8. Select ‘Colors’ and then click ‘Add’
  • 9. When you click in ‘Value(s)’ field all the color attributes that you had saved will show select the one which you want to show.
  • 10. After that check ‘Used for variations’ and uncheck ‘Visible on the product page’.
  • 11. Click ‘Save Attributes’ to save it.
  • 12. Click on ‘Variations’.
  • 13. Select ‘Create variations from all attributes’ and then click on ‘Go’ button.
  • 14. After clicing ‘Go’ this will show take mouse to the right hand side bottom arrow will appear click on it.
  • 15. From here you can add price for this color.
  • 16. From here you can add image for this colour
  • 17. Click on ‘Save Changes’ button to save the changes.
  • 18. Click on ‘Publish’ button and your colour variation is added for for the product.