Looking into Online Marketing Trends

For businesses looking to increase their market share in the real world, the virtual world may be the quickest fix possible. With consumer trends undoubtedly moving into the online environment, many business owners with brick-and-mortar stores are confused as to how to take advantage of their new marketing tools.

Contrary to popular belief, having an effective online presence can definitely increase offline business in a very direct way. Even if your industry is not one that is necessarily seen as an online venture, it can help to effectively use online marketing tools to bring people into your store or to use your services. Below are some ways in which you can increase customer retention by building an online presence.

A website increases visibility among your local audience

Believe it or not, the trend toward search for all businesses in all industries is tending towards the mobile smart phone and tablet realm. People are using Yellow Pages less and less (unless you are talking about the Yellow Pages website) and are looking to find more direct and immediate solutions to their problems through search engines. It just makes sense to redirect some of your marketing budget away from offline material to online marketing mechanisms.

If you commit to search engine optimisation, there is no market research that says you will do anything but benefit from it. Even the most conservative estimates state that any business without an online presence will lose at least 10% of their market share regardless of industry.

You can easily connect online marketing resources to off-line resources for a more ubiquitous presence. Get the most out of your offline marketing investment and keep your website(s) urls on all your printed content.  In fact, adding Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts are just as important.  Today’s consumer connects in various methods and if they prefer Facebook, then you want to be able to make that connection.

Perhaps it’s time to refresh your printed material with fresh artwork and messages.  We provide complete print management solutions, from concept through delivery. If you are interested in a fresh web design or other online marketing material, contact us today at 0433 399 294 or use the contact form here.