How to Create the Perfect Landing Page

Landing pages are effective in helping businesses get conversions. Well, they are if they’re done right. Unfortunately, when it comes to content, they are often treated in much the same way as a standard webpage. But this is a mistake. Landing pages are unique in both content and design.

Here we look at the essential elements needed to create a successful landing page and how you can ace it to get the results you are aiming for.

How to Create the Perfect Landing Page

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a standalone web page that has been created with a single conversion objective in mind. For example, a landing page may be designed to encourage click-through – warming potential customers up before sending them to your site. Alternatively, it might be constructed for lead generation purposes – using a form to capture name and email details for later use.

Unlike web pages which are typically accessed via search, people land on landing pages after clicking on an online marketing call-to-action such as those included in a pay-per-click advert or email marketing campaign.

Setting a Clear Objective

The beauty of landing pages, and the reason they are so effective, is because they are extremely focused – they have one conversion goal in mind. So before you begin creating your landing page, you need to be very clear on what that goal is. Write it down and let it guide your decisions.

The Elements of Success

A successful landing page should comprise of two things: winning copy and great design. Each of these elements should work together to help you achieve your end goal.


Overall, when it comes to landing page copy, keep it clear, concise and take the reader from A to B without distraction.

  • A strong, compelling headline – think about what will capture the reader. Be sure to push the benefits in the subhead
  • Intro copy – ensure this addresses the customer’s problem and offers a solution – a clear value preposition. Keep it focused and convincing – stick to 4-5 sentences max
  • Bullet points – including the main benefits your solution provides in this format makes it more scannable
  • One specific, persuasive call to action – use short, clear action-oriented words e.g. ‘Sign up’, ‘Download now’, ‘Tell me more’ and reinforce the benefit
  • Testimonials – including one of more of these from past happy customers or clients can be very effective in persuading people to convert
  • Social Proof – for example, tell people how many people already buy your product/use your service

When you are creating each of these, always bear in mind the one thing your reader will be thinking “What’s in it for me?