10 Quick Tips for Creating a Custom Logo Design

To make your company stand out from the crowd, a unique logo gives your business a professional edge and a sense of brand identity. If you are establishing yourself in a marketplace, it is the logo that defines your product or services. It improves your prospects and makes it easier for your fan base to identify and relate with your brand.

When creating a custom logo design, it is important to keep your tag-line, current trends, typography, colour combinations, graphic designs and other important elements in mind. To keep up your creativity is not an easy task, but there are some steps you can follow when designing a logo:


  • Choose a designer who understands the nature of your business. The logo should have longevity, which means a considerable amount of thought and proper research should be involved.
  • Select the type of logo you want. Consider the possibility of an emblem, abstract, text, letter-mark, word-mark, 2D logo, 3D logo or animated logo.
  • Make it simple and yet unique. So that the logo keeps both your marketing objectives and brand image in mind.
  • Opt for more classic or timeless design styles with more flexibility and adaptability.
  • It should be a  piece of vibrant artwork that has complex meaning behind it.
  • Do not make the design of the logo too complex, because overly complicated design can be hard to understand.
  • Always ensure that you choose a font that is in line with your brand’s overall style guide.
  • Limiting your logo to only two fonts will make it easier to read and also boost brand recognition.
  • Use vector software because vectors are easy to re-size without losing clarity.
  • Try to be original. It’s acceptable to get inspiration from other logos but don’t copy them. That can make your brand seem boring.

In most cases, logo designing contains a graphic element, so it needs to be designed by professionals. Getting your custom logo design created by experienced designers is always going to pay for itself many times over.