1. You will not be hit with any hidden charges.

As per proposal we will quote everything up front. If there are any additional changes to the brief as a RESULT of request made off from the specification we will let you know in advance.

2. We will be honest with you.

If you want something a certain way and we believe there is a better solution (results driven) we will let you know in writing followed up verbally. You have the final say.

3. We will provide you clarity.

You have access to speak to the relevant skill set appropriate to your query. You will have a dedicated project MANAGER looking after plus you can speak with other professionals within our team about a specific matter.

4. We will not replicate your brand identity or reuse your own assets on other websites.

All our graphic DESIGN work is custom designed. This is what you pay us to produce. We respect that it is your property. All logo work will be provided to you in AI format, and print material provided to you in a print ready format. We can provide you your website on disk at a cost of $30 plus postage, or via an online shared facility for $0 cost.

5. We guarantee our work.

We guarantee all our web design work within 12 months of launch of your site. If there are any problems with the functionality of your site as a RESULT of our programming we will fix it at no charge.

6. Your PERSONAL information is kept confidential.

We will not give your PERSONAL information to any other organisation what so ever.

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a small data digital file (public key) which uses encryption or coding technology to safeguard the connection between your website and your customer’s browser.

How does an SSL certificate work?

Once a customer has submitted sensitive data to your site, the information is encoded by your public key. The data can only be decoded using your private key (generated at your end) once it reaches your server.

Why do I need a SSL certificate?

A SSL certificate tells your customers they can trust you. Not only does it establish a secure connection, but it also helps authenticate your website due to the identity checks needed to obtain one.

How do I obtain an SSL certificate?

To obtain an SSL certificate, you need to apply to a verified SSL Certificate Authority (CA). They will issue you with a certificate once they have carried out the sufficient identity checks.

What happens once I receive my SSL certificate?

Once issued, your certificate file needs to be downloaded and then uploaded to your website server. When completed, your website will change from an http to an https address.

How will my customers know I have an SSL certificate?

The use of an SSL certificate on your website is usually indicated by a padlock icon in web browsers or by a green address bar. You will also be given a trust seal which can be displayed on your site.