Combine Offline and Online Marketing Strategies

Marketing is the backbone of your business.  Some would argue that your marketing plan is more important than the products offered.  If you don’t have a strong marketing plan you are limited to word-of-mouth to inform people of your business offers.

Today’s business must combine offline and online marketing strategies to remain competitive.  Online marketing is critical as consumers increasing move to researching products online.  Many businesses with a physical building think that their marketing plan should only include offline advertising strategies.  On the other hand, people with an online business tend to be heavy into online marketing and ignore offline strategies.

One of the simplest offline marketing strategies which an online marketer can easily implement is to have some business cards printed and branded for your business.  Of course, having business cards won’t do you any good unless you engage with the public. Check in with your business association, chamber of commerce, and similar business groups.  Many require a fee to join, but in most cases you can participate as a guest.  Start engaging with the public and look for ways you can help others grow their business using your own services.  Another venue to work your charm is at tradeshows, community fairs or sales.

Brick and mortar businesses have to embrace online marketing strategies even if only in a small way. Today’s consumer expects to find businesses online and if you don’t have a website, your credibility takes a hit.  Similarly, you’ll need to engage in some form of social media whether Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.  Pinterest is becoming a powerful social tool for businesses which have success engaging people with photos.

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